Senckenberg Research Institute and Natural History Museum Frankfurt

Entomology II

Entomology II 


Section Entomology II is primarily responsible for the research in and the collection of the insect order

  • Lepidoptera or butterflies and moths (researchers: Wolfgang A. Nässig, Heinz G. Schroeder, Colin G. Treadaway, collaborators of the Arge HeLep and other colleagues).


Based upon the historical development of entomology in the Senckenberg, section Entomology II is also responsible for administration and management of additional collections of the following groups of insects:

Actias isabellae
  Actias isabellae
  • Primarily wingless insects (Endognatha and Zygentoma),
  • Odonata (curated by Wolfgang Schneider),
  • Orthopteromorpha (containing Dermaptera, Mantodea, Blattodea, Ensifera, Caelifera, Phasmatodea, etc.) (Ensifera and Caelifera studied by Sigfrid Ingrisch),
  • Psocodea,
  • Hemiptera (e.g., Heteroptera, Homoptera: Auchenorrhyncha, Stenorrhyncha),
  • Neuropteroidea (Megaloptera, Raphidioptera, Planipennia),
  • Siphonaptera,
  • Mecoptera,


which corresponds to about three quarters of the known insect orders.

As support for most of the insect orders studied there is a section library stocked with relevant separates and monographies, as well as books and a few series of scientific journals.