Senckenberg Research Institute and Natural History Museum Frankfurt

Entomology II
 Dr. WOlfgang A. Näsig

Dr. Wolfgang A. Nässig

Head of the section Entomology II, curator

Phone: +49/69/75 42-13 23

Massimo Terragni

Massimo Terragni

Technical assistant

Phone: +49/69/75 42-1216

 Wolfgang Schneider

Dr. Wolfgang Schneider

Honorary researcher  

Responsible (and honorary curator) for the dragon- and damselflies (Odonata)

 Dr. Heinz G. Schroeder

Dr. Heinz G. Schroeder  

Honorary Researcher, former curator

Former head of section, responsible for Odonata, Auchenorrhyncha and butterflies of the Philippine Islands 


Inge Schroeder

Voluntary researcher  

Former assistant, responsible for Odonata and genitalia studies for butterflies

 Colin G. Treadaway

Colin G. Treadaway

Honorary researcher

Honorary Research Associate, responsible primarily for Lepidoptera of the Philippine Islands and surrounding areas

 Stefan Naumann in Bolivia

Dr. Stefan Naumann 


Voluntary researcher   

Cooperation partner for research on Bombycoidea, especially Saturniidae, Brahmaeidae and Eupterotidae


Dr. Sigfrid Ingrisch


Voluntary researcher

Former freelance project manager on orthopteroid insects, still working on Orthoptera: Saltatoria (Caelifera and Ensifera)

 Arge HeLep volontary researchers

Ernst Brockmann 
Rolf E. Weyh
Dr. Axel Schmidt
Petra M. T. Zub
(in rows from left to right)

Voluntary researchers, collaborators of Arge HeLep

(and other voluntary researchers of the Arge HeLep, working on their own projects or in cooperation with the curator on faunistic and conservatory projects, especially on the Hessian Lepidoptera Fauna; also working on Hessian Red Data lists.)