Senckenberg Research Institute and Natural History Museum Frankfurt

Entomology III

Our section converges aquatic entomology and evolutionary biology. We aim to elucidate diversification, speciation, ecological adaptation and dispersal of mainly aquatic and semi-aquatic insects model organisms. To this end we perform comparative morphological and molecular genetic studies based on the diverse material available in our collection.

The section of Entomology III at the Senckenberg Institution manages the collection of the insect order Hymenoptera, comprising about 300,000 specimens and of the order Trichoptera, containing about 14, 000 objects.


Drusus franzi Drusus monticola

Drusus franzi (SCHMID 1956)

(photo: Wolfram Graf)

Drusus monticola (MACLACHLAN 1876)

(photo: Markus Liebert)

Bombus sylvestris (LEP.) Formica fusca L.

Bombus sylvestris  (LEPELETIER 1832)

(photo: Jens Peter Kopelke)

Lasius fuliginosus  (LATREILLE 1798)

(photo: Jens Peter Kopelke)

Our studies belong to the Senckenberg Research Field Biodiversity and Systematics and Biodiversity and Ecosystems, respectively.