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Vertebrate Zoology

Instructions to authors

VERTEBRATE ZOOLOGY (formerly Zoologische Abhandlungen) is a scientific journal published by the Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung.

Papers submitted for publication should deal with vertebrates. Research fields covered by VERTEBRATE ZOOLOGY are the taxonomy, morphology, anatomy, phylogeny (molecular or morphology-based), historical biogeography, and palaeontology of vertebrate taxa. Original contributions as well as review papers are welcome. Descriptions of new taxa should be integrated into a proper context (e.g. complete revision of a taxon, phylogenetic or biogeographical framework). Only manuscripts in English and German language will be considered for publication.

Submission of a manuscript implies that the same work has not been published or submitted elsewhere.

It is anticipated that prior to submission authors make every effort to make the text concise and linguistically correct. Manuscripts not conforming with the listed directives or requiring extensive linguistic improvement are liable to be returned to the author(s). The printing format of VERTEBRATE ZOOLOGY is A 4 (210 mm × 297 mm), the type area is 165 mm × 250 mm.

All manuscripts will be reviewed by two referees. Mainly based on their reports the editors decide whether a manuscript will be accepted for publication. Members of the editorial board may also act as referees. When the review procedure is completed, the review documents and the editors’ statement of (non-)acceptance will be sent to the corresponding author. If a manuscript requires major revision, final acceptance may only be decided after a revised version of the manuscript has been received and checked by the editors and/or the referees.

By submission of a manuscript to VERTEBRATE ZOOLOGY, authors give permission to the publisher to publish their contribution and accept the copyright note of the journal. There are no page charges, and no royalties will be paid to authors.

Fifty reprints of each paper are free of charge. Additional reprints may be ordered during the editing procedure. Furthermore, authors will receive PDFs of their published papers free of charge and are welcome to further distribute them for non-commercial purposes.

The PDFs will also be freely accessible at It is anticipated that authors submitting a manuscript to VERTEBRATE ZOOLOGY accept these rules.

Manuscripts and all related correspondence should preferably be sent by email to [up to 15 MB per message].

Alternatively, digital media can be sent by normal mail to

Axel Zarske
Senckenberg Naturhistorische Sammlungen Dresden
Koenigsbruecker Landstrasse 159
01109 Dresden

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