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International Workshops on Sawflies


Since 1997 the yearly International Workshops on Sawflies have been organized mainly by the staff of the Deutsches Entomologisches Institut. During the first years the workshops consisted of a mixture of talks, presentations and collecting trips. Meanwhile the talk sessions are separated from the field works and held during the Winter Workshops. The workshops have a great importance for the continuous exchange of information within the community of Symphyta specialists.

  • 2013 17th International Workshop on Sawflies, Zwettl im Waldviertel, Austria (announced for 1st to 7th August 2013)


 International Winter Workshop on Symphyta 2013

From left: H.-J. Jacobs, S. Schmidt, E. Jansen, F. Koch, A. Liston, B. Peter, J.-L. Boevé, A. Taeger, M. Kraus, K. Benes, M. Prous, T. Nyman, T. E. Barstad, O. Lønnve, T. Malm, M. Heidemaa, F. Pesarini, J. Macek, A. Mol, C. Pontes, A. Shinohara, L. Vilhelmsen. (photo: O. Taeger)

  • 2013 2nd Winter Workshop (talk session) at the Senckenberg Deutsches Entomologisches Institut, Müncheberg (larger photo)

Workshop Abisko

Participants of 16th International Workshop on Sawflies in Abisko from left: Hege Vårdal, Marko Prous, Tommi Nyman, Stephan Blank, Trond-Elling Barstad, Andrew Liston, Ole Lønnve, Matti Viitasaari, Andreas Taeger.

  • 2012 16th International Workshop on Sawflies, Abisko, Sweden (larger photo

Participantsin discussionMacrophya annulata

From left: A. Taeger, H. Savina, A. Liston, M. Heidemaa, E. Heibo, H.-J. Jacobs, E. Jansen, T. Malm, J.-L. Boevé, A. Mol, T. Mol A. & T. Mol, A. Liston Macrophya annulata (photos: A. Taeger)
  • 2011 15th International Workshop on Sawflies, National Pyrenees Park, Hautes Pyrenees, France 

14th International Workshop on Sawflies

Participants of 14th International Workshop on Sawflies from left: Meicai Wei, Andreas Taeger, Gengyun Niu, John Grearson, Trond Elling Barstad, Mrs Grearson, Ewald Jansen, Marko Prous, Andrew D. Liston, Erik Heibo, Guy Knight, Malte Jänicke, Jean-Luc Boevé, Hans-Joachim Jacobs, Tommi Nyman, Anna-Maija Ruotsalainen, Ole Jørgen Lønnve, Catherine Fiedler. (Not on the picture: Jeanne Robinson & Andrew Halstead)

  •  2010 14th International Workshop on Sawflies, Kindrogan, Scotland, United Kingdom (larger photo)

  • 2009 Riazzino near Locarno, Tessin, Suisse


 Witer Workshop 2008

            Participants of the 1st Winter Workshop 2008 (larger photo)

  • 2008 1st Winter Workshop (talk session) at the Deutsches Entomologisches Institut / ZALF, Müncheberg


  • 2008 Massiv Central, France
  • 2007 Plataniá, Greece



Participants of 10th International Workshop on Sawflies from left: Henri Savina, Olga Schmidt, Bruno Peter, Jean-Luc Boevé, Andreas Taeger, Manfred Kraus, Hans-Joachim Jacobs, Andrew Liston, Ewald Jansen, Stefan Schmidt, Stephan Blank)

  • 2006 10th International Workshop on Sawflies, Yvoir, Belgium  (larger photo) 


  • 2005 Liptovsky Jan National Park Lower Tatry, Slowakia
  • 2004 Torbole Lake Garda and Monte Baldo, Italy
  • 2003 Ilfeld im Harz and Kyffhäuser, Germany
  • 2002 Altlengbach in der Wachau, Austria
  • 2001 Kevo Subarctic Research Station, Finland
  • 2000 Pontresina im Engadin, Schweiz
  • 1999 Admont in der Steiermark, Austria
  • 1998 Zwettl im Waldviertel, Austria
  • 1997 Eberswalde, Germany