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The Sections Paleoanthropology and Tertiary Mammals are collaborating on the broader issues of the influence of climate, environmental and dietary conditions on the evolution of early hominins. Of particular interest is the origin and evolution of the genus Homo, with a focus on functional, palaeoecological and biogeographical aspects. Interdisciplinary field projects take place in Africa and Southeast Asia.

The Section also closely cooperates with the Research Centre ROCEEH of the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences. and with New York University in the field of Human Paleobiomics.



100+25 years of Homo erectus: Dmanisi and beyond
Tbilisi 20-24 September 2016
Georgian National Museum
3 Purtseladze Street
0105 Tbilisi
David Lordkipanidze, Angela Bruch, Friedemann Schrenk, Ottmar Kullmer


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