Senckenberg Research

Major research projects

Marine projects

Long term time series on the North Sea fauna

Deep sea biology

Biogeography of the Arabian region

Zoology of the Arabian Peninsula

Environmental Research in the Gulf Region

Biodiversity of the Sokotra-Archipelago

Studies in terrestrial biology of tropical regions

UNDESERT - Understanding and combating desertification to mitigate its impact on ecosystem services

Studies in terrestrial biology of European Regions

Zoological research in Hessian strict forest reserves

Geological projects

International Geoscience Programme (UNESCO/IGCP) 


SAW-Project Vectors 

LOEWE- Cluster for integrative Fungal Research

Research within the Senckenberg Institute is organised in large scale projects. Through these the activities of the individual sections are tied together and the coherence of the institute's research programme is secured. The individual sections act as centres of scientific infrastructure securing experrtise in a specific area of organismic biology. The sections are also in charge of the integration of colections into the scientific questions.

Here large scale projects are presented in a cohesive way. The respective pages are constructed dynamically and refelect the actual state of our work. Also the list of projects will be complemented regularely.