Scientific collections


All collections stored in SeSam are archived in one single database. They access to one common data-pool, in which information on biosystematics, geography, literature, and persons are deposited. In each single collection the collection-manager can erect additional, specific fields. 

This architecture gives several vantages: 

  • Capturing of data is homogenous, because all collections uses the same pool.  
  • Fast capturing of data is possible, because access on already included parts is given. Meanwhile typing errors are minimised.  
  • The common data pool is growing because all users take part.  
  • contemporaneous search in different collections is possible  
  • SeSam is realised as a web-application. It was written in ASP, VBS and Javascript. Desktop computers which have access to SeSam need only a common webbrowser. Data are managed in a SQL - database. The relational data model of SeSam contains about 30 main tables.