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An International Journal of Malacology, edited by the Senckenberg Nature Research Society (SGN), Frankfurt am Main.
Journal of the Deutsche Malakozoologische Gesellschaft.

Archiv für Molluskenkunde mainly publishes papers on the systematics,
taxonomy, phylogeny, and morphology of molluscs. Contributions on fossil Cenozoic molluscs and on molluscan ecology and biogeography are also welcome. However, articles on physiology, parasitology, regional faunistics, non-Cenozoic fossils or biostratigraphy should be submitted elsewhere.

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Archiv für Molluskenkunde is an international peer-reviewed journal with articles in English. It is published in two issues per annum (= one volume), appearing in the second and fourth quarter, containing up to 300 pages/year.

A page charge will be applied only to excessively long manuscripts. We are normally willing to print necessary colour illustrations at no cost. However, for articles with more than 3 colour plates or very many black-and-white plates we may require a contribution from the authors. There are 25 free offprints per contribution.

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The current issue of  Archiv für Molluskenkunde  is volume 145 (2), published 20th December 2016  

Birckolz, C. J., Salvador, R. B., Cavallari, D. C. & Simone, L. R. L.: Illustrated checklist of newly described (2006–2016) land and freshwater Gastropoda from Brazil 133150     
Kadolsky, D., Binder, H. & Neubauer, T. A.: Taxonomic review of the fossil land gastropod species hitherto placed in the genus Galactochilus Sandberger 1875, with the description of a new genus (Gastropoda: Helicoidea) 151–188
Neiber, M. T., Walther, F., Santana, J., Alonso, M. R. & Ibáñez, M.: A new Obelus Hartmann 1842 species from the Jandía Peninsula, Fuerteventura,Canary Islands, with the description of Grohiellus n. subgen. (Helicoidea: Geomitridae: Cochlicellini) 189–194         


Content, volume 145 (1)  
Miquel, S. E. & Cerdeño, E.: First record of the Chilean gastropod Chiliborus in the Oligocene of Mendoza (Argentina) (Gastropoda Pulmonata: Strophocheilidae)               1–6
Esu, D. & Girotti, O.: New Plio-Pleistocene freshwater gastropods from Tuscany and Umbria, with comments about confined Neogene-Quaternary basins of Central Italy (Gastropoda: Viviparidae, Hydrobiidae) 7–22
Harzhauser, M., Mandic, O., Büyükmeriç, Y., Neubauer, T. A., Kadolsky, D. & Landau, B. M.: A Rupelian mangrove swamp mollusc fauna from the Thrace Basin in Turkey 23–58
Salvador, R. B., Cavallari, D. C. & Simone, L. R. L.: Taxonomical study on a sample of land snails from Alto Ribeira State Park (São Paulo, Brazil), with description of a new species 59–68
Rowson, B. & Herbert, D. G.: The type species and circumscription of the species-rich Afrotropical snail genus Gulella L. Pfeiffer 1856, based on anatomical and mtDNA data (Mollusca: Eupulmonata: Streptaxidae)       69–84
Subai, P. & Neubert, E.: Revision of the Ariantinae. 4. The genus Faustina Kobelt 1904 (Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Helicidae)   85–110 
Salvador, R. B. & Rasser, M. W.: Fossil land and freshwater gastropods from the Middle Miocene of Bechingen and Daugendorf, southwestern Germany 111–124
Nordsieck, H.: Three remarkable fossil Helicoidea species (Gastropoda: Stylommatophora) 125-132