Global impacts of agricultural trade and consumption on ecosystems and biodiversity



Scientific publications

Schwarzmueller, F., & Kastner, T. (2022). Agricultural trade and its impacts on cropland use and the global loss of species habitat. Sustainability Science, 17(6), 2363–2377. 

Kan, S., Chen, B., Persson, U. M., Chen, G., Wang, Y., Li, J., Meng, J., Zheng, H., Yang, L., Li, R., Du, M., & Kastner, T. (2023). Risk of intact forest landscape loss goes beyond global agricultural supply chains. One Earth, 6(1), 55–65. 


Workshop on “Biodiversity footprint approaches and uses” in Gothenburg, Sweden, November 28th and 29th, 2022.

Participants: ​​​​Alexandra Marques; Caroline S. S. Franca; Chris West; Daniel Müller; Elin Röös; Florian Schwarzmüller; Gabriela Rabeschini; Giorgio Bidoglio; Heléne Aronsson; Jonathan Green; Koen Kuipers; Martin Bruckner; Martin Persson; Philipp Semenchuk; Rasmus Einarsson; Serina Ahlgren; Thomas Kastner; Ulrika Palme. 

GRADED workshop

Presentations and outreach 

Workshop “Drawing the big picture: how does your work translate into graphical image?”; facilitator: Gabriela Rabeschini; event: British Ecological Society Annual Meeting; workshop category: communication, engagement and outreach, crossing disciplinary boundaries. 

Press coverage 


TRADE-HUB Project: Trade, Development and the Environment Hub (TRADE HUB).