Computer-gestützte Populationsbiologie



Dr. Dan Warren
Researcher, Head of Senior Scientist Group 'Computational Population biology'

Research interests

I have broad interests in evolution, ecology, conservation, and animal behavior.  My primary research program focuses on the evolution of species‘ environmental tolerances and spatial distributions, with frequent detours into conservation-oriented empirical studies.  I also maintain active research programs in phylogenetic methods and theory, as well as the neuroecology of marine fishes.  My work includes both basic and applied research, with a particular focus on developing quantitative methods.  I am an author of several popular software packages for conducting evolutionary and ecological analyses, including Converge, AWTY, ENMTools, and RWTY.  In my spare time I compose music for nature documentaries.

I teach technical courses in R on a volunteer or consulting basis for Software Carpentry, Data Carpentry, Transmitting Science, and PR Statistics.

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Dr. Cândida Vale
PostDoc, Member of Senior Scientist Group 'Computational Population Biology'