Beruf und Familie 2019

Job and Family

Why this is self-evident at Senckenberg

1) Senckenberg – we not only further your career, we also help you to reconcile your job and your family life

The Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung (Senckenberg Society for Nature Research) is a family-oriented research institution that supports its employees in reconciling their jobs with their family life.

2) Senckenberg – we are certified 

Since 2012, Senckenberg has been certified by the audit “berufundfamilie” (career and family), and in 2019, we again received the certificate for our successful family- and life stage-oriented personnel policy and company culture.

Certificate audit berufundfamilie

Brief profile for the certificate audit berufundfamilie

3) Senckenberg  – we stand for flexible work times 

Thanks to the flextime regulations, you can schedule your work hours flexibly and, upon consultation and under consideration of company-relevant issues, even leave your workplace spontaneously if your personal situation makes this necessary. We also do our best to accommodate requests for a reduction or increase in work hours for family-related reasons.

4) Senckenberg – we take care of your kids 

If you have trouble arranging for child care at short notice, Senckenberg offers parent-child offices. At our Frankfurt location, we also offer vacation child care. Moreover, during some of the larger in-house events, additional child care options will be made available.

5) Senckenberg – we support you in matters of parental and family care time 

We do not want to place temporary employees at a disadvantage regarding their family planning; therefore, as a rule we offer parental and family care time through contract extensions. Since you are an important part of our team, we take your interests and concerns into consideration in regard to meeting schedules, business travel and vacation planning, among others.

6) Senckenberg – we mobilize you 

If you are employed at our locations in Dresden or Frankfurt, you have the opportunity to travel with a discounted job ticket. In Dresden, the ticket can also be transferred to another person, e.g., one of your family members, from Monday through Friday after 6 PM. Moreover, in Frankfurt the ticket allows your family to accompany you free of cost every day after 7 PM, and in both cities family members ride free on weekends and holidays. In addition, in Frankfurt your employment badge gains you free entry to the zoo, the Palmengarten and all municipal museums.

7) Senckenberg – we stand for equal opportunity 

Equal opportunity for women and men in their careers is very important to us. In order to support a sustainable equal opportunity policy, Senckenberg, as the largest institute in the Leibniz Association, follows the “Research-oriented Equal Opportunity Standards” adopted by the DFG members, which pursue the common goal of significantly increasing the proportion of women at all scientific career levels by means of a cascade model.  8) Senckenberg – we offer you a future 

We make an effort to favor permanent employment over scholarships. Scholarship recipients not only have to forgo social services such as unemployment benefits and pensions, but possibly also the right to maternity benefits, parental allowances and frequently to project extension, as well.

9) Senckenberg – we are your strong networking partner 

It is important to us to individually further your career. Therefore, we offer scientists at Senckenberg an opportunity to participate in mentoring programs (Leibniz-Mentoring, Mentoring Hessen: ProCareer.Doc, ProAcademia, ProProfessur) and advanced qualification offers (Career Support, GRADE). We also support the career perspectives of our employees’ partners/spouses through various dual-career networks (DCN Metropolitan Region Rhine/Main, DCN Central Germany). 

10) Senckenberg  – we are here for you 

You can receive support and information about equal opportunity-related topics from Sabrina Abel (Equal Opportunities Representative) and Maika Holzapfel (Deputy Equal Opportunities Representative), who promote the practical implementation of the legally guaranteed equal treatment. The Equal Opportunities Representative and her deputy are responsible for all institutes and locations. At the same time, they serve as the project leaders of the audit berufundfamilie (career and family). At the locations outside of Frankfurt am Main, they are additionally supported by confidential representatives.


mitarbeiter dörte florack
Dörte Florack
Equal Opportunities Officer
Mitarbeiterin Helga Zumkowski-Xylander Görlitz
Dipl.-Biol. Helga Zumkowski-Xylander
Deputy Equal Opportunities Officer