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Please help us with the preservation and extension of the museum, the Senckenberg collections, our educational work and our scientific research

We need your support…

…in the museum
From the tiny ladybug to the giant fin whale, from fossilized plants to meteorites from outer space – on a total area of 6,000 square meters, the Senckenberg Natural History Museum displays rare and often spectacular exhibits. The museum’s modernization is an essential step toward their optimal protection and preservation. Your contribution will help us tackle this projekt.

… and behind the scenes
As one of the largest natural history museums in Europe, Senckenberg employs a huge staff. Taxidermists, carpenters, electricians, screen printers and graphic artists preserve and design more than 5,000 display items. This includes the acquisition of new fossils and the renewed preparation of animals for the museum.  Please support our museum team in its work!

…for collection and preservation
Only a fraction of our collections is on public display. In total, Senckenberg preserves and maintains more than 38 million prepared plants, animals and minerals. These holdings, along with the collected knowledge, form the indispensable basis for countless research projects. The extension and modernization of the research institute is aimed at creating a new home for these collection items. Please help us realize this goal!

…and for imparting knowledge
Dinosaurs, prehistoric man and giant whales as educators! Using modern educational concepts, the museum pedagogy conveys facts about research and history through guided tours aimed at specific target groups and customized events for all visitors, large and small. Your sponsorship will also support these endeavors.

Here is an overview of your sponsorship benefits:

  • As a thank-you and a keepsake, you will receive a framed sponsorship certificate and a souvenir photo.
  • The display case containing your sponsored exhibit will bear a plaque with your name.
  • You receive a free one-year Senckenberg membership, so you can visit your sponsored exhibit at any time without paying the museum’s entrance fee.  This leads to an overview of all membership benefits.
  • At your request, we will feature you and your sponsored exhibit on our Internet page.


Patenschaft Feldmaus
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Thank you for your support!

Patenschaft Pate gefunden
Patenschaft Pate gefunden
Patenschaft Pate gefunden
Patenschaft Pate gefunden
Patenschaft Pate gefunden
Patenschaft Pate gefunden