Palaeozoology and Geology


Since nearly 200 years the Museum of Natural History Görlitz got a stuff position of a geological curator for the first time. The employment of Dr. Olaf Tietz in 1994 was the beginning of an active research in earth sciences. Today the scientific work plays the dominant role in the section.

The most important activity at the beginning was the reorganisation of the geoscientific collection with about 10,000 objects (counting units). The first scientific studies were focused on paleobotany of the Lausitz brown coal mines; especially the open cast mine Berzdorf from 1995 to 2005. Additionally, investigations to the Pleistocene overburden rock such as erratic boulders and animal bones were recovered in this time.

Since 2005 the scientific and collection works focus more and more the neovolcanites from the Oberlausitz (Upper Lusatia) and surrounding areas in Germany, Czech Republic and Poland. The aim is the reconstruction of volcanolocical processes and the landscape evolution since Neogene time. Furthermore magma processes in the Upper Mantle were investigated.

The public relation and teaching is a special request of our work. We make conceptions for museum exhibitions, organise public excursions, guide tours in our collection or exhibition and give popular presentations. Furthermore, we carry out geological excursions, seminars and lectures for students from the University of Applied Siences Zittau/Görlitz and the University of Halle.