Senckenberg German Entomological Institute

Molecular Laboratory


Dr. Julia Canitz
Dr. Julia Canitz

Scientific fields of interest:

  • Biodiversity, Speciation and Phylogenetics/Phylogenomics
  • Evolutionary Genetics/Genomics
  • Molecular Biogeography
  • Molecular Ecology
  • Genetic/ Genomic Methods for DNA sequencing
  • Zoology

Professional background

2021- Present
Researcher & Head of the molecular lab
Senckenberg Deutsches Entomologisches Institut

University of Freiburg: Nehring Lab – Molecular ecology and phylogeny of the mite species complex Poecilochirus carabi sensu lato


2019 – PhD (Evolutionary Biology and Phylogenetics) at University of Potsdam
Thesis: Genome and karyotype evolution underlying speciation and diversification of electric organ discharges in African weakly electric fish (Campylomormyrus, Mormyridae, Teleostei)

2014 – Master of Science (Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution) at University of Göttingen
Major subject: Evolutionary Biology
Minor subject: Phylogeny/Biogeography/Evolutionary Genetics

2011 – Bachelor of Science (Biology) at Technical University of Braunschweig
Major subject: Organismic Biology
Minor subject: Zoology/Evolutionary Biology/Molecular Biology

Publication List

Canitz, J., Kirschbaum, F., & Tiedemann, R. (2020). Transcriptome-wide single nucleotide polymorphisms related to electric organ discharge differentiation among African weakly electric fish species. PloS one15(10), e0240812.

Svardal, H., Rusuwa, B., Linderoth, T., Kiran, A., Charmantier, A., Lattorff, H.M.G., Cagan, A., Ommeh, S.C., Kamng’ona, A., Katongo, C., Santos, M.E., Durbin, R., Kumwenda, B., Visscher, P.M., von der Heyden, S. & the Participants of SMBE Malawi. (2020). Evolutionary Genomics at the Human–Environment Interface in Africa, Molecular Biology and Evolution, 37(10), 3076–3080, (part of the Participants of SMBE Malawi)

Canitz, J., Kirschbaum, F. & Tiedemann, R. (2016). Karyotype description of the African weakly electric fish Campylomormyrus compressirostris in the context of chromosome evolution in Osteoglossiformes. Journal of Physiology-Paris, 110(3), 273-280,

Vences, M., Lyra, M.L., Kueneman, J.G., Bletz, M.C., Archer, H.M., Canitz, J., Handreck, S., Randrianiaina, R.D., Struck, U., Bhuju, S., Jarek, M., Geffers, R., McKenzie, V.J., Tebbe, C.C., Haddad C.F. & Glos, J. (2016). Gut bacterial communities across tadpole ecomorphs in two diverse tropical anuran faunas. The Science of Nature/Naturwissenschaften, 103(3-4), 25. doi: 10.1007/s00114-016-1348-1. Epub 2016 Feb 29. PMID: 26924012.

Randrianiaina, R.D., Antúnez, R.N., Canitz, J., Forth, F., Lemme, I., Rodríguez, B., Rinas, H., Thänert, R., Tröger, P., Westphal, N., Willim, A., Wollenberg, K.C., Strauß, A. & Vences, M. (2009). Herpetology Note, 2, 165-173 (published online 08. October 2009)

Publications: Non-reviewed (pre-print)

Canitz, J., Sikes, D. S., Knee, W., Baumann, J., Haftaro, P., Steinmetz, N., Nave, M., Eggert, A.-K., Hwang, W. & Nehring, V. (2021). Cryptic diversity within the Poecilochirus carabi mite species complex phoretic on Nicrophorus burying beetles: phylogeny, biogeography, and host specificity. bioRxiv


Eva Kleibusch
Technische Assistentin