Orangefarbene Lecidea silacea
Orange Lecidea silacea


The cryptogamic section curates the collections of algae, bryophytes, fungi, lichens and ferns of the Herbarium Senckenbergianum (FR).

One focus of the collections are lichens, which are represented by important historical herbaria, e.g. J. A. Metzler, L. P. K. Scriba. Our research is also focussed on lichens.

Lichens often dominate the vegetation in the arctic-alpine zone. Alpine heath with Alectoria nigricans (grey green) and Flavocetraria nivalis (yellow green) near the top of Mt. Martin (Yukon Territory, Canada).

Besides systematics and phylogeny, we investigate the biogeography and symbiotic interactions of lichens using microscopical, microchemical and molecular genetic methods.

Most of our research addresses questions in “Biodiversity and Systematics” and “Biodiversity and Climate”.