Prof. Dr.  Angelika Brandt
Sektions- und Abteilungsleiterin


Systematik, Ökologie, Evolution, Biogeographie und Biodiversität der Makrofauna 
mit Schwerpunkt Isopoda (Crustacea, Peracarida) aus Tiefsee- und Polarregionen


Curriculum Vitae


Sofia Blume
Abteilungsassistenz und Sekretariat
Dr. Torben Riehl
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter (PostDoc)

Research interests

My primary research interests are the origins of the deep-sea benthic biodiversity as well as the evolution and ecology of deep-sea isopod crustaceans. I am particularly interested in historical and ongoing colonization and distribution-range shifts (biogeography), evolutionary history and the drivers of diversification, as well as the ecological drivers of coexistence in the abyssal and hadal depth zones. My current projects are investigating the influence of seafloor topography on biogeography, population differentiation and speciation as well as the effects of habitat heterogeneity on abyssal biodiversity. These works integrate a variety of disciplines and methodologies, such as phylogenetics, biological systematics, ecology, taxonomy, zoogeography, oceanography, geology, geography and population genetics. In our lab we combine a variety of morphological imaging techniques with molecular methods and modelling.

Current research projects

  • Kuril Kamchatka Biodiversity Studies II (KuramBio II)
  • BEnthos Diversity and habitat structure caused by abyssal hard ROCK — BEDROCK
  • Environmental drivers of species richness in the abyssal Macrostylidae
  • New Macrostylidae (Isopoda) species from the Clarion-Clipperton Fracture Zone
  • Biogeography and phylogeography of the Northwest Pacific isopod crustaceans

Student opportunities

Various research projects for BSc and MSc students as well as for short internships are available all year round. They are commonly in the fields of integrative taxonomy, faunistics, systematics and biogeography of isopod crustaceans. PhD projects require thorough preparation and project ideas can be discussed and jointly developed. Also stay tuned for job advertisements via the Senckenberg job portal. Please contact me for more details.


At Goethe University Frankfurt I am involved in teaching programs of the Faculty of Biological Sciences.

In the Bachelor studies program I teach in the 2nd semester course Diversity of Organisms and Habitats: Animals. During excursions, lectures and practical courses I teach anatomy and systematics of the major animal phyla as well as taxonomic identification techniques for animals in the field and lab. This involves studying morphological characters as well as bird calls and songs.

In the Master studies program Ecology and Evolution I am involved in the module Evo-11 Integrative Biodiversity Research in Zoology. In an interactive and hands-on course I provide a glance at the entire work process of studying deep-sea macrofauna samples from sample sorting, identification, taxonomic illustration, character conceptualization, species description and cladistics analysis.

Taxa described

Macrostylidae Hansen, 1916

Macrostylis G.O. Sars, 184

1. Macrostylis amaliae Bober, Riehl, Henne & Brandt, 2018

2. Macrostylis antennamagna Riehl & Brandt, 2010

3. Macrostylis daniae Bober, Riehl, Henne & Brandt, 2018

4. Macrostylis dorsaetosa Riehl, Wilson & Hessler, 2012

5. Macrostylis marionae Kniesz, 2018

6. Macrostylis matildae Riehl & Brandt, 2013

7. Macrostylis papillata Riehl, Wilson & Hessler, 2012

8. Macrostylis roaldi Riehl & Kaiser, 2012

9. Macrostylis sabinae Bober, Riehl, Henne & Brandt, 2018

10. Macrostylis scotti Riehl & Brandt, 2013

11. Macrostylis uniformis Riehl & Brandt, 2010

12. Urstylidae Riehl, Malyutina & Wilson 2014

13. Urstylis Riehl, Wilson & Malyutina, 2014

14. Urstylis solicopia Riehl, Wilson & Malyutina, 2014

15. Urstylis thiotyntlus Riehl, Wilson & Malyutina, 2014

16. Urstylis zapiola Riehl, Wilson & Malyutina, 2014

Curriculum Vitae


Dr. Hanieh Saeedi
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin (PostDoc)

Beneficial Project

Bianca Trautwein
Technische Assistentin
Kristin Arnold
Technische Assistentin
Doris von Eiff
Redaktionelle Mitarbeiterin
Frank Mause
Davide di Franco
Doktorand Crustacea, Biologe


Taxonomie mariner Mollusken und Crustaceen

Biodiversität und Ökologie von marinem Zoobenthos

Curriculum Vitae


Serena Abel
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin, Doktorandin Crustacea


– Mikroplastik in der Tiefsee des Kurile-Kamchatka-Grabens
– FTIR-Spektroskopie zur Analyse synthetischer Polymere

Curriculum Vitae

O’Donovan, S., Mestre, N., Abel, S., Fonseca, T. G., Carteny, C. C., Cormier, B., … & Bebianno, M. (2018). Ecotoxicological effects of chemical contaminants adsorbed to microplastics in the clam Scrobicularia plana. Frontiers in Marine Science5, UNSP-143.

In Prep.:

Pittura, L., Avio, C.G., Gorbi, S., Abel, S.,  Fattorini, D., Giuliani, M.E., Di Carlo, M. & Regoli, F. Presence and Ecotoxicological Risk of Microplastics in Mediterranean Organisms

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