Palaeozoology III

Devonian geology and palaeontology are the main working fields. Special focus is put on taxononomy, phylogeny and palaeobiogeography of Devonian brachiopods.

Regionally, research is concentrated on the Rhenish Slate Mountains, the Moroccan Anti-Atlas and South China. Large collections mainly of Devonian fossils are stored in the section.


The section was founded in 1966/67 under the name Palaeozoology IV as subunit of the Geological Department. Dr. Rolf Werner led this section from its onset until his death in 1994. Research was concentrated on stratigraphy and facies of the Lower and Middle Devonian of the Eifel Region in that time.
Since 1995, Dr. Ulrich Jansen has been the head of the section. In 1996 the Senckenberg Director Prof. Dr. F.F. Steininger introduced a new structure of the Geological Department, and the name of the section was changed into Palaeozoology III.