Palaeozoology III


One of the largest collections of Devonian brachiopods from the Rhenish Slate Mountains is stored in the section Palaeozoology III. The collection is permanently supplemented by own collections, donations, and acquisitions.

Of great importance are also the collections of Devonian molluscs. The extensive “Wetteldorfer Richtschnitt” collections from the GSSP at Wetteldorf in the Eifel Hills contain bed-by-bed collections from the succession at the Lower/Middle Devonian boundary stratotype (GSSP). The Hunsrück Slate collection and the X-ray collection by Wilhelm Stürmer are of high scientific value. The collections include the following:


DFG-LIS: Collection Project

For six years years reference specimens of the collection are recorded in the online-based Senckenberg Collection Management System SeSam. In the frame of a sucessful DFG-LIS Project (2009-2011), all fossils of the Hunsrueck Slate Collection have been digitised and are now available online (photos can be downloaded!).  The data of many reference specimens from the brachiopod collection are available online, as well.

Fossil brachiopodsapprox. 900.000 specimens (12.585 cataloged, 2.528 available in SeSam, 131 primary types)
Fossil gastropodsapprox. 7.500 specimens (500 cataloged, 40 primary types)
Fossil cephalopodsapprox. 17.500 Stücke (2.626 cataloged, 59 primary types)
Fossil bivalvesapprox. 70.000 specimens (8.620 cataloged, 68 primary types)
Fossile spongesapprox. 3.000 specimens (481 cataloged, 24 Primary types)
Fossil bryozoansapprox. 2.000 specimens
Fossil scaphopods350 specimens (partly cataloged)
Fossil annelids
Receptaculites approx. 100 specimens
Hunsrück Slate collection955 specimens(available in SeSam, 9 Primary types) - STÜRMER-X-ray collection: 8.964 negatives (available in SeSam)
Stratigraphic and regional collection Lower Devonianapprox. 300.000 specimens
Collection "Wetteldorfer Richtschnitt" (GSSP of the Emsian-Eifelian boundary in the Eifel): approx. 100.000 specimens
Achat collection2.000 specimens