Übersicht Abteilungsleitung und Messelforschung

Messel Research

The Department of Messel Research was created in 1993 as part of the Senckenberg Research Institute.


The primary objective of the department is the investigation and reconstruction of the Eocene Lake Messel and its surroundings by departmental employees and volunteers by way of  

  1. taxonomic-morphological examinations of the constantly expanding collection of vertebrate fossils
  2. research projects on phylogenesis, biostratigraphy, paleoecology, paleoenvironment, and paleobiogeography 
  3. the development of models of the history of the lake area and the structural genesis of the isolated geological pit-like formations, as well as of the lake sediments (the Messel Formation).

These objectives will also be implemented in the middle and long-term through collaborative projects with national and international colleagues.

The scientific work is attributed to the Senckenberg research areas Biodiversity and Systematics and  Biodiversity and Earth System Dynamics.