Citation regulations for edaphobase

Citation proposal for edaphobase:

Burkhardt, U., Russell, D.J., Decker, P., Döhler, M., Höfer, H., Römbke, J., Trog, C., Vorwald, J., Wurst, E., Xylander, W.E.R. (2014): The edaphobase project of GBIF-Germany – A new online soil-organism zoological data warehouse. Applied Soil Ecology, 83, 3-12.

Copyright wording and source disclosures:

Any commercial use of edaphobase-downloaded data requires the prior approval of the original data providers listed in the metadata of the respective data sets.
In case of the use of the information and data sets in scientific or other texts, the respective copyright of the original data provider to the database must be stated and the database named. Following the citation rules of printed publications, author, title, year, and the internet address are to be cited.
Furthermore, the date of creation or last modification and last access date must be specified in the citation.
Some of the data providers in edaphobase have partially limited the further use of their data or subject them to specific conditions. Please note the metadata in such data sets.

Databank rights:

The retrievable data and dokuments in edaphobase represent in total a copyrighted database. It is forbidden to copy or change the database and its structure in parts or in total without the explicit approval of the Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung (SGN).