Sampling description


Name Datatype Description
Sampling date / observation description Datem Sampling period, start/ end of sampling campaign, observation date
Remarks sampling/ observation description Text


Name Datatype Description
Sampling/ observation method List
Sampling person/ observer Reference Who performed sampling/ observation; more than one entry possible
Pooled sample Yes/No The act of pooling is documented. The way of pooling must be written in the remarks field.
Sampling time Text for manual catches, sieving, casting: Period, frequency, rhythm of sampling: For special questions the data must be collected peronally.
StandardizationList e.g. DIN, ISO
Catch fluid Text for pitfall traps only
Attractant/Fill substrate Text for mini containers, net bags, when indicated for pitfall traps: attractant/ fill substrate (former name: substrate). Due to the amount of agents and combinations as text field, not used in data analyses.
Device dimension Number Extent of sampling device, e.g. [diameter in cm], [area in cm_]
Trap distance Number for pitfall traps only
Sample count Number Number of (pitall) traps or core cutter samples, no summation with frequency
Sample volume Number in cm|; whether sum or single volumes are documented depends on whether samples are pooled or not.
Sampling depth Number range (minimum, maximum)
Sampled soil horizon List Abbreviation; if applicable more than one including litter
sample mass Number soil mass in [g]; specification dry/ wet mass by assignment of method M
Casting fluid Text for casting samples only
Casting volume Number for casting samples only
Original quotation Sampling Text
Remarks sampling Text


Extraction method List
Temperature gradient Number Minimum (temperature at upper side of device, e.g. Tullgren) and maximum (temperature at bottom side): only final temperatures; dynamics during extraction are unnoted; if a difference value is documented only, then a single value is saved
Extraction duration Number
Rotational frequency Number in rounds per minute
Separation/ proofing agent Text text field with multiple entries (separated by ';')
fixing agent Text not the conservation agent (may be documented in Object description); text field with multiple entries (separated by ';')
Original quotation extraction Text
Remarks extraction Text