NameDatatype Description
Taxonname TextName within described taxon level, e.g. species epitheton only, or genus name. The complete species name will be subsequently compiled by Edaphobase following official rules.
Taxon level List
Super taxon Reference
Taxon synonym Reference The administration of synonyms is separated from their use, i.e. only names are documented. Afterwards, a connection of names is made, where 'A-Taxon is the valid (may be the name used by Edaphobase), B-Taxon is the the non-valid/ non-used name. Thus, a source can connect with a list of taxa that use different names.
AuthorTextName of the first description's author (is empty for non-available names; see "name appendix").
Year TextYear of the first description (is empty for non-available names; see "name appendix").
Parentheses Yes/No If the species epitheton is combined with another genus name, the describing author's name and year of the first description are included in parentheses.
Name appendix TextAppendix: 1. If the name is used in an altered way by subsequent author(s) or if the name is not applicable by subsequent author(s): "sensu Mustermann, 1912", "s. l.", "auct.", "grp.", "nomen dubium". 2. If the name is not available: "author" and "year" remain empty and "name appendix" has to be filled out with "nom. nud. [author year]" 1.
Valid name TextCreated by Edaphobase for export (only meaningful for GBIF exchange): Genus (+ Subgenus) + species (+ subspecies) + author + year
Source first description Reference
Page number first description Textfor correct formatting see, i.e., page selection in the "print" dialogue or in the bibliographic data in Edaphobase
Remarks taxon Text