Research Program

Senckenberg strives to achieve an balanced ratio between curiosity-driven, application-oriented basic research and product-driven, applied research and to develop the research fields both conceptually and structurally into internationally visible research units. The primary intent is to ensure the research program’s coherence and the important role of collection-based research. Of particular relevance in this context will be the establishment and development of three new W3 appointments at the LOEWE-TBG (Comparative Genomics, Functional Environmental Genomics, Genomic Biomonitoring; SF and SBiK-F) in the year 2020.

The four research fields with their 10 subordinate Focusses of Activity comprise specific projects and joined project ventures. Each field is oriented on three key issues that are worked on across all locations and contribute significantly to the internal networking.

The performance goals of the Research program outlined here must be viewed as preliminary, since the Senckenberg strategy process that was still under way at the time of establishing the 2020 program budget will result in new key objectives.