Senckenberg – Leibniz Institution for Biodiversity and Earth System Research


Administration Organigramm
Organization-tree of the Directorate Administration


Martin Mittelbach
Dr.  Martin Mittelbach
Administrative Director
Christian Gerth
Speaker for the Adminstrative Director

Assistant for the Administrative Director

Jency Karammakalayil
Assistant for the Administrative Director

Legal Affairs, Compliance & Privacy

Henning Fahnster
Jan Henning Fahnster
in-house lawyer
Jochem Klein
Legal affairs, privacy rights, in-house lawyer

Internal Auditing

Oliver Kreitinger
Referent Innenrevision

Work Safety

Bjoern Kurz
Leitung Arbeitssicherheit

Equal Opportunities

Dörte Florack
Representative for equal opportunites
Mitarbeiterin Helga Zumkowski-Xylander Görlitz
Dipl.-Biol. Helga Zumkowski-Xylander
Deputy-representative for equal opportunities, Ph. D Student

Staff and Social


Finances and Controlling

Bettina Scholz-Vollrath

General IT

Construction and Facility Management

Steffen Grosser
Gruppenleiter Haustechnik

Project Masterplan I

Gerd Mangel
Constructional client representation for project Masterplan I
Dr. Sonja-B. Löffler
Project-manager for project Masterplan I