International Affairs

Senckenberg is an institution of the Leibniz Association that has been exploring the Earth system for over 200 years. Senckenberg investigates the Earth’s past, its present state, and develops scenarios for the future. The study of geobiodiversity aims at understanding nature with its almost infinite diversity, so we can use it sustainably and preserve it as a basis of well-being for future generations. With more than 41 million objects, Senckenberg holds one of the world’s largest scientific collections. In addition, Senckenberg communicates research results in a variety of ways, especially through its three research museums in Frankfurt, Görlitz, and Dresden. These museums are places of learning and wonder, and they serve as open platforms for democratic dialogue – inclusive, participatory, and international.

Senckenberg as a modern research institution works in a high degree of international networking. With several cooperation partners from over 50 countries, a large number of international projects, employees from more than 40 nationalities, active participation in international boards, a large number of visiting scientists from all over the world, and from our side active international field work and marine expeditions, we are a proud member of the international research community.

Marked in blue are countries in which Senckenberg has maintained cooperations (period: 2012 – 2022). 
Marked in blue are the countries from which visiting scientists have been at Senckenberg (period: 2012 – 2022).
Marked in blue are the countries to which Senckenberg researchers have undertaken expeditions (period: 2012 – 2022).

New Global Projects

Two measures to further promote internationalization are starting in 2023

1. Senckenberg Distinguished Lecture Series – Emerging Frontiers in Nature Research

For our Distinguished Lecture Series, we are attracting highly placed, excellent scientists to give a keynote lecture from their specialist and overarching perspective. In the current cycle, the overarching theme is “Emerging Frontiers in Science”.

The Distinguished Lecture Series brings internationally renowned scholars and other intellectual and civic leaders to Senckenberg. In addition to the featured lecture, each visit typically includes discussions or a public event designed to engage a wide range of Senckenberg scientists.


2. Global Fellowships – Frontiers in Nature Research and Conservation

Dedicated PhD students and postdocs from the Global South can apply twice a year  for a Global Fellowship at Senckenberg. The research stays can take place at any of our sites – and financial support will be provided.