Mission Statement

of the Senckenberg Society for Nature Research


In order to understand the natural and anthropogenic dynamic of our planet and its living world and shape it in view of a sustainable development we need an understanding of the biological and geological processes within the earth system. Concerning

  • the documentation and analysis of biodiversity, its continuous changes, and their role in the earth system,
  • the dialog with society and knowledge transfer, as well as
  • the application and development of the most up-to-date research methods.

Senckenberg is amongst the world leaders. Through interaction with society, by transferring and applying our research results, as well as by means of our scientific collections as “archives of life,” we contribute to finding responsible solutions for global future challenges.

The diverse synergies of our institutions create added value for science and society. We continuously strive to develop both our research as well as our transfer and communication skills.

On this basis, as a dialog partner in societal, economic and political decision-making processes we make a fundamental contribution toward shaping a sustainable future for the earth-human system. We provide the biological and geoscientific basis for these processes, thereby creating an awareness of nature’s importance for mankind

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We study the breathtaking diversity and the fascinating interconnections in the inanimate and living nature of our planet in order to gain a deeper understanding of their functions and an awareness of their importance for humanity, allowing us to develop strategies for aiding the reconciliation of human society and nature.

The research objects gathered from the natural world are deposited in scientific archives and permanently preserved for future generations. Our collections which belong to some of the largest in the world, serve both as a research base and a valuable cultural heritage.

We communicate our insights to the scientific community as well as society in a variety of ways, e.g. in internationally observable publications, by teaching at universities, in research networks and exhibitions in our museums, dialog and communication work, in scientific projects as well as knowledge and technology transfer. We strive to ensure that our insights find their way into practical application.


Our culture

Collegial scientific work based on mutual respect forms the basis for long-term success at Senckenberg.

Curiosity and creativity

Curiosity, creativity and cooperation are the basis and motivation of all scientific work. We strive to make our scientific results available for the good of society and use our museums as a platform of dialog and exchange with society.


We strive for excellence in science and the dissemination of knowledge, and strictly keep to the regulations of good scientific practice and communication.


Every single person contributes to the joint success at Senckenberg with their personality and by fulfilling their assigned tasks.


Trust is the basis of collegial and successful cooperation.

Diversity and respect

We value a diversity of opinions, irrespective of gender, age, national origin, education, religion, and culture. We are connected by the enthusiasm for our work and the respect for our colleagues with all different personal circumstances.

Social interaction

Senckenberg stands for equality, equal rights, integration and inclusion as well as the compatibility of job and family.

Sense of purpose

We believe in the purpose and the common good of our work.


In the spirit of our research mission, we strive for the highest possible level of sustainability in all our actions. Our perception of sustainability primarily targets the long-term preservation of the natural, social and economic resources in the interest of present and future generations.