Molecular analyses of selected isopod families of CeDAMar material (DIVA-2, KAPLAN, ANDEEP-SYSTCO)

Following project is running until 2008 (grant of the German Science Foundation, DFG):

The existing system of the deep-sea family Desmosomatidae Sars, 1897(Crustacea: Isopoda) is brought up to date in a phylogenetic analysis based on morphological data. The morphological study yields the taxonomic background for molecular analyses of deep-sea Desmosomatidae. Using molecular methods seems to be necessary to access a better understanding of the relationships in Desmosomatidae. The aim of the present project is to compare results of a molecular analysis with the phylogenetic ideas obtained out of the morphological analysis of the family Desmosomatidae. Yet, the molecular work depends on fresh material for DNA extraction.

This could be gained during the ANDEEP (ANtarctic benthic DEEP-sea biodiversity, colonization history and recent community patterns) cruises with RV Polarstern and DIVA-2 (DIVersity of the Atlantic benthos) with RV Meteor in 2005. Sequences of new species of Desmosomatidae could be gained for three genes (18 S, 16 S and CO I). Additionally, the material can be used for comparative studies (population genetics) between deep-sea basins for selected taxa.