New search portal for Senckenberg collections

The database SeSam exploits the collectables of Senckenberg and some smaller museums which have joined our system.

Currently, we are working on a new database system to be employed in our future collection management, called AQUiLA. As a first step, we offer a search portal that enables full-text search in the database. For reasons of data protection, only parts of our database will be freely available. If you need more detailed or comprehensive information, please contact the team responsible for the respective collection.

The AQUiLA search portal is currently in a state of development. This affects both its functionality and database. The current version allows full-text search in the complete available database through entering a search term in the search field. The search results can be limited through the selection of topics and keywords in the left column.

If you have suggestions or requests for changes, please let us know via the e-mail address given on the left-hand side. This way, you help us to continuously improve the system.

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SeSam Instruction Manual

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