Finished floor slab for the SDEI innovation project in Müncheberg (photo: K. Weißing).

SDEI Innovative Construction Project Müncheberg

Müncheberg, February 17, 2023. The new Senckenberg research building in Müncheberg, Brandenburg, will be around 25 meters long, 15 meters wide and 11 meters high. In the future, entomologists will be able to carry out their research on three floors in ultra-modern offices, collection rooms and laboratories. What makes the new workplace, which will be ready for occupancy from November of this year, unique is its construction above ground, which relies exclusively on natural, glue-free and solid timber panel construction. Around 1,000 cubic meters of wood are used to build the walls, ceilings, stairs and even the elevator shaft. The building, funded by the state of Brandenburg and the federal government as part of the “SDEI Müncheberg innovation project”, will be emission-free and energy self-sufficient. Compared to a conventional building that fully meets the energy standards, the new building avoids over 95 percent of the environmental impact that would otherwise occur over a period of just 50 years. The Senckenberg Society for Nature Research is becoming a pioneer of ecological and sustainable construction in the research and public service sector.