Palynology and Microvertebrata of the Palaeozoic

Collection of organic-walled microfossils (OWM) of the Palaeozoic

Collection of fossil palynomorphs (OWM)

Collection of fossil vertebrates


Agnathans and Fishes

10518 registered pieces/serial
449 types
1610 figured and mentioned pieces 


652 registered pieces/serial
5 types
70 figured and mentioned pieces


5108 registered pieces/serial
97 types
219 figured and mentioned pieces


648 registered pieces/serial
7 types
141 figured and mentioned pieces

Mammals (excluding small mammals and Messel fossils)

8573 registered pieces/serial
38 types
427 figured and mentioned pieces

Sedimentary marks

904 figured and mentioned pieces


132 registered pieces/serial

Sediments, trace fossils, problematica

1008 registered pieces/serial

Recent acquisitions

In February 2008 our archive was extended through numerous fishes and birds through the private collection of Manfred Keller, e.g. fossils of the Frauenweiler Formation, Oligocene.