Heterogeneous (paraphyletic) cluster group formerly summarized as Apterygota. There are 5 orders: bristletails, silverfishes (both in the past called Thysanura), Collembola, Diplura and Protura. The last 3 orders are remarkable smaller than the Thysanura (0, 1 – 15 mm). Their relationship, especially the monophyletic of Diplura, is different discussed. All 5 orders are always primary wingless.

Insect of the year 2016

The dark brown globular springtail, Allacma fusca
(L., 1758) (Collembola, Symphypleona)




In 1959, Prof. Dr. Wolfram Dunger started the collection with the first specimens and, since 1987, Dr. Hans-Jürgen Schulz has continued and increased the collecting with particular emphasis on palaearctic Collembolan species (see Collection).