Sammlung fossile Cnidaria Dr. Eberhard Schindler
Dr. Eberhard Schindler

Palaeozoology II


The collection of fossil Cnidaria – namely the corals – is still the most important one in the section; modern representatives are included for comparative purposes. 25,500 out of the total 94,000 specimens/series are catalogued – among those are 390 holotypes, neotypes, and lectotypes as well as 1,300 paratypes. Moreover, there are several thousand uncatalogued specimens from various localities (mainly from the Eifel area). The outstanding collection of Wedekind requires special attention in the future.

In addition to the fossil Cnidaria, collections of other fossils are also curated. Among them are the fossil Echinodermata – ca. 2,500 specimens/series of which 2,219 are documented in catalogues – this includes 30 holotypes, neotypes, and lectotypes as well as 60 paratypes.

From the collection of Graptolithida, all 1,003 specimens/series are catalogued were recently documented in the Senckenberg database SESAM, including 15 holotypes, neotypes, and lectotypes as well as 48 paratypes.

Parts of the Hunsrückschiefer Collection (mainly the echinoderms) fall under the care of the section, as well as stratigraphic and regional collections of the Palaeozoic (excluding Lower and Middle Devonian).

The Tentaculitoidea with 50 holotypes, neotypes, and lectotypes and 370 paratypes include the material of G.K.B. Alberti (Hamburg).
Since few years, the collection of stromatolites is also housed in the section; presently containing 74 specimens.

Due to the relocation of the entire division the collections of the section had been closed during 2018 and parts of 2019, but are now fully re-accessible. Although the moving process (including the handling of the huge collections of the former geolocical/palaeontological institute of Marburg University) requested a lot of time, the state of storage in the new location is now much better.

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