Museum of Mineralogy and Geology

Mineralogy / Isotope Forensics

The scientific focus is on geo-bio- and partly anthroposphere interactions using multiple methods (isotopes, mineralogy, geo-databases, etc.) and various time scales.
The mineralogical collections are amongst the oldest in the world as their portfolio dates back to the Art Chamber founded in 1560 by Elector August in Dresden. They have continuously grown over more than 400 years.

Research projects:

  • Reconstruction of river and palaeo-environment evolution using multiple methods (U-Th-Pb geochronology via LA-ICP-(MC)-MS, cosmogenic nuclids via AMS, heavy minerals, geo-databases, etc.)
  • Palaeogeography and provenance
  • Heavy Anthropogenic Particles (HAP) in the environment
  • Isotpes in biogenic materials


  • Regional mineralogy and mineral topography of Saxony including Saxon precious and semi-precious stones
  • Museum and collection history, history of the earth sciences
  • Scientific collection documentation / digitisation
  • Compilation of bibliographies on the geoscientific literature about Saxony


The head of the section teaches at the TU Dresden (Dresden University of Technology

Our research contributes to the Research Field Biodiversity and Earth System Dynamics.