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Studia dipterologica

The »Studia dipterologia – Journal of taxonomy, systematics, ecology and faunistics of Diptera« (ISSN 0945-3954) was founded in 1994 by Dr. Andreas Stark (Halle an der Saale) and Dr. Frank Menzel (Müncheberg).

Resulting from a private initiative, it has developed into the most significant journal with content exclusively referring to Diptera. Original works in the field of  taxonomy, phylogenetic systematics, faunal studies, biology, ecology, zoogeography and behavioural research are published, as long as they principally relate to the order Diptera. Additionally, works on the life’s work of dipterists (biographies, festschriften, obituaries, publication lists), travel and expedition reports, works on collections of Diptera, catalogues and checklists on selected groups of Diptera, announcements of events for dipterists, reports on symposia and congresses, short  notes and book reviews are also published. The »Studia dipterologica« was published up to 2009 by the Ampyx-Verlag (Halle an der Saale). Since January 2010 it is issued by the Senckenberg Deutsches Entomologisches Institut (Müncheberg). Editors are Frank Menzel (Müncheberg), John Kramer (Oadby) and Andreas Stark (Halle an der Saale). Editorial duties are performed at the SDEI by Frank Menzel, Mathias Jaschhof and Andrea Thiele. The journal possesses an international editorial panel, actively supported by the editors. The scientific panel comprises 21 people from Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, South Africa, the Czech Republic and the USA. Subscribers to the »Studia dipterologica« come from over 30 countries spread worldwide. The journal is abstracted by the Zoological Record (BIOSIS), CAB Abstracts (CABI) and VINITI (Moscow).

Volume 24 Issue 1 published in 2021.

More information, such as on the editors, the issues released, instructions for authors and subscription can be obtained at the website of the Studia dipterologica.