Quantitative Biogeography


Here we present some of the projects members of our working group are involved in. For more details please have a look at the individual project websites.

Examples of current projects:


EarthShape: Earth Surface Shaping by Biota

Ecosystem Management Support for Climate Change in Southern Africa (EMSAfrica)

The open Climate Impacts Encyclopedia (ISIpedia)

Past warm periods as natural analogues of our “high CO2” climate future (VeWA Project)

Environmental changes in biodiversity hotspot ecosystems of South Ecuador: RESPonse and feedback effECTs (FOR2730)

Fire in the Future: Interactions with Ecosystems and Society – FURNACES

Multisectoral analysis of climate and land use change impacts on pollinators, plant diversity and crops yields – MAPPY

BioDiv-Support: Scenario-based decision support for policy planning and adaptation to future changes in biodiversity and ecosystem services

Improving tree carbon use efficiency for climate-adapted more productive forests – iCue-Forest

Developing a holististic, risk-wise strategy for European wildfire management – FireEUrisk