Geology and Palaeontology

Isera Mountains project

Together with colleagues from the North Bohemian Museum in Liberec and the Czech Geological Survey, we are working on the project with magmatic dykes in the granite massif of the Jizera Mountains. The discovery of a Maar-Diatrem volcano at the site of Pytlácká jáma near Jizerka in 2018 showed the necessity to investigate the neovolcanism of the region particularly in cooperation between the Saxon and Czech sides. From a geological point of view, the Lusatia and Jizera Mountains regions are closely connected and are part of a complex landscape regardless of the national borders. After the verification process, the results will be published in new geological maps and are available to scientists and amateurs. The target group is a broad public and experts. In addition, the project results complete the understanding of volcanism in the Lausitz volcanic field.