Sangiran 2, Homo erectus, skull fragment




  • G.H.R. von Koenigswald Collection of early hominids from Java, Indonesia
  • Faunal Collection G.H.R. von Koenigswald from Java, Indonesia
  • G.H.R von Koenigswald Collection of fossils from Chinese Pharmacies
  • Cast Collection of fossil hominins and primates
  • Virtual Collection of early hominin surface data
  • Skull Collection Pan troglodytes verus from Liberia

G.H.R. von Koenigswald – Archive

Gustav Heinrich Ralph von Koenigswald was the founder of the Palaeoanthropology Division at Senckenberg Research Institute. Besides his original work on human evolution he left a large amount of letters and other documents as his scientific legacy. They are curated in the archive of Koenigswald’s documents and give an insight into von Koenigswald’s work and his epoch.


The Palaeoanthropology library contains over 2,000 volumes and 80,000 reprints. The von Koenigswald library and the D.A. Hooijer reprint collection are associated with the library.