• Spinne Thunberga

    Company for the Greta Spider

    25 new species were described in the spider genus Thunberga

  • Canidae-Fossilien

    When Wolves Became Dogs

    The European domestic dog is presumed to have originated in Southwestern Germany

  • Schlammnatter Myanophis thanlyiensis

    New snake species and genus discovered in Myanmar

    The snake's genome is already sequenced

  • Riesenschildkröte

    For most giant tortoises, Darwin came too late

    In the Bahamas, an extinct species of tortoise that was closely related to the Galapagos giant tortoises once lived.

Windows into Human Diversity

Gustav Heinrich Ralph von Koenigswald  goes online!

The annual G.H.R. von Koenigswald Lecture will be replaced by a series of 6 videos. Watch the first episode here!

Episode 1: Hominin Expansions into South East Asia: The search for the cradle of humankind and the hominin site Sangiran on Java
Our Natural Capital Is Disappearing

In this video, our Director General Prof. Dr. Mosbrugger tells us more about sustainability in regard to nature and the world on which we live, and recommends a way in which we can work toward a long term goal.

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Volker Mosbrugger

Director General of the Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung

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