• Frosch

    On the Brink: Brazil’s Coastal Rainforest

    Amphibian and bird diversity threatened by deforestation and eucalyptus monocultures

  • Fisch Danionella

    Transparent Fish without a Skull Roof

    Tiny fish becomes a model organism for neurophysiology

  • Ringelnatter

    A Snake Crosses the Alps

    The Italian barred grass snake spreads to Bavaria

  • Invasive species

    Raccoons and raccoon dogs are expected to expand their ranges in Europe

  • Biodiversity is positively related to mental health

    Study on species diversity and human health in Germany shows positive relation on mental health, but no links to physical health

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Our Natural Capital Is Disappearing

In this video, our former Director General Prof. Dr. Mosbrugger tells us more about sustainability in regard to nature and the world on which we live, and recommends a way in which we can work toward a long term goal.

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Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Volker Mosbrugger

Director General of the Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung

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