• Underestimated Hazard and Resource at the
    Bottom of the Sea

    New dinoflagellate identification guide highlights the importance of marine single-celled organisms for science and society

  • PM_Oasen

    Date Palm Diversity

    Oases are hotspots of biological and cultural diversity – for their protection and sustainable use, a new study recommends that culture and biodiversity should be considered together

  • Pressemeldung menschliche Skelette

    Various evolutionary forces shape the human skeleton

  • Pressemeldung Fundstätte

    Database with 2,400 prehistoric sites

  • Everything in Flux? First Recovery, then
    Stagnation: The Status of Biodiversity in
    European Waters

    Long-term study shows that recovery of European freshwater biodiversity has stalled since the 2010s

  • Carapace Size: How Turtles Developed Over The Past 200 Million Years

    Diversity of body size in turtles studied

The three museums of the Senckenberg Society for Nature Research display exciting results of Senckenberg research as well as globally unique exhibits and changing exhibitions on important topics of natural science.

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