• Zagros Höhle

    Early Humans in the Paleolithic Age: More Than Just Game on the Menu

    A study of the dietary habits and hunting strategies of early humans in the Middle Paleolithic

  • Learning from bats: ERC Synergy Grant 2023 for Senckenberg genomicist Prof. Michael Hiller

  • Brazilian Rainforest 2050: Frogs or Real Estate?

    Global climate change and economic interests negatively impact amphibian diversity in the Brazilian rainforest

  • High Mountains, High Diversity: For How Long Have the Andes Controlled South America’s Biodiversity?

    A study of the geological evolution of one of today’s most important “biodiversity hotspots”

  • Darwin or Kimura – Natural Selection or Pure Chance?

    New literature review aims to clarify a heated debate between evolutionary biologists

Prof. Dr. Johan Rockström: A safe and just Future for Humanity and Earth

This talk gives a scientific update of the risks of destabilizing the planet, providing evidence that six of nine Planetary Boundaries are already transgressed today, and in turn offering a new definition of sustainability. The increasing frequency and amplitude of extreme events is just one consequence of overshooting the 1.5°C global warming limit – a real biophysical limit, not just a political target – beyond which multiple tipping points in the Earth system are not only likely to be triggered, but run the risk of setting off tipping cascades.

The three museums of the Senckenberg Society for Nature Research display exciting results of Senckenberg research as well as globally unique exhibits and changing exhibitions on important topics of natural science.

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