• Leuchtkäfer

    Mysterious Beetle: New Species from Guatemala Discovered

    The species is only documented by one specimen and has never been observed alive

  • Nebelpflanzen

    Grasses in the Fog: Plants Support Life in the Desert

    Complex food chain in the Namib Desert decoded

  • Senckenberg Researcher Peter Haase Recognized as “International Champion”

    Frontiers Planet Prize and research grant in the amount of one million Swiss francs awarded for his work on rivers and streams

  • Weird Species
    New Senckenberg Podcast

    Weird Species

  • ERC Grant Macho

    ERC Advanced Grant for Paleoanthropologist Gabriele Macho

    European Research Council funds project on early human evolution at Senckenberg

The three museums of the Senckenberg Society for Nature Research display exciting results of Senckenberg research as well as globally unique exhibits and changing exhibitions on important topics of natural science.

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