Joint Meeting Datz-Symposium: “From functional traits to models” and 30th International Workshop on Plant Taphonomy

Ecosystems are sensitive networks characterized by complex interactions between organisms and their environment. Unravelling the structure, functioning and evolution of ancient ecosystems based on an incomplete fossil record requires expertise, exchange and networking of different scientific communities: palaeontologist, palaeoecologist, geologist and palaeoclimate/vegetation modellers.

We are pleased to announce that we organize two meetings: a special symposium funded by the German Erika and Walther Datz Foundation and the annual International Workshop on Plant Taphonomy.

The Datz-Symposium: “From functional traits to models – An interdisciplinary perspective on structure, functioning and evolution of ecosystems in deep-time”, engages on modern and interdisciplinary approaches to reconstruct structure, functioning and evolution of deep-time ecosystems. In detail, the focus will be on various aspects of insect-plant interaction and plant functional traits based on fossil plants, insects and vegetation modelling. The symposium is structured in four sessions, supported by keynotes of internationally recognized scientists.

Session 1: The fossil record of insect herbivory pattern as key to insect-plant interaction and food web-structures in palaeoecosystems.

Keynote: Conrad C. Labandeira (Smithsonian Institution, USA)

Session 2: Evolutionary history of insects – insights from the fossil record and evolutionary morphology.

Keynote: Alexander Blanke (University of Bonn, Germany)

Session 3: Plant functional traits as key to environmental conditions and host plant characteristics.

Keynote: Anita Roth-Nebelsick (State Museum of Natural History Stuttgart, Germany)

Session 4: Contributions of modelling to the reconstruction of palaeovegetation and trait-environment interactions.

Keynote: Philipp Porada (University of Hamburg, Germany)

The International Workshop on Plant Taphonomy focus on the “Meaningfulness of fossil plant record: biases, pitfalls and abominable uncertainties”. A one-day botanical excursion at Tharandt Forest Botanical Garden of the Technical University Dresden is planned during the taphonomy workshop. Both workshops will offer multiple opportunities for discussions and interdisciplinary exchanges (e.g., round-table discussion).

We cordially invite the palaeo-botanical, palaeo-entomological, palaeo-modelling and plant taphomoy communities to Dresden in May 2022. Oral contributions to the scientific sessions are very welcome. We would especially like to encourage early career scientists to give a talk on their research projects!

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The organizing teams

Datz Symposium

Christian Müller (Senckenberg Dresden, Germany, Palaeobotany Group)

Agathe Toumoulin (University Rouen, France)

Dimitra Mantzouka (Athens, Greece, formerly Senckenberg Dresden)


International Workshop on Plant Taphonomy

Lutz Kunzmann and the palaeobotanical working group at Senckenberg Dresden: Denise Hennig, Carola Kunzmann, Christian Müller