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Specialized Information on Entomology

The Senckenberg Deutsches Entomologisches Institut offers here a means of accessing relevant entomological information. As well as the traditional sources of information from the Entomological Library, comprising catalogues, databases and indices, you will also find bundled together supplementary entomological information such as a collation of selected internet resources and databases with entomologically relevant, freely available journals and dissertations. 

Dr. Walther Horn, the second director of the Deutsches Entomologisches Institut, founded several and bibliographies and compilations that are still relevant today, such as the biographical catalogue of the entomologists of the world (around 1910), the whereabouts of the entomological collections (Horn, 1926), or the Index Litteraturae Entomologicae (Horn & Schenkling, 1928-1929).

Later they have been continued by Hans Sachtleben, Ursula Scheiding-Göllner, Christel Wutzmer, Reinhard Gaedike and many more in works such as ” Über entomologische Sammlungen, Entomologen und Entomo-Museologie (A contribution to the history of Entomology)” (Horn & Kahle, 1935-1937), “Index Litteraturae Entomologicae series II” (Derksen & Scheiding, 1965-1975) or “Collectiones entomologicae” (Horn; Kahle; Friese & Gaedike, 1990).

These works form the basis of the information prossed modern technologies, networked, constantly updated and now available on the Internet.

Most recent work is the “Index Novus Litteraturae Entomologicae”, which is the completely revised Bibliography of the literature on entomology from the beginning until 1863 and presented as a database.

Index Novus Litteraturae Entomologicae

This database is a completely revised new edition of the “Index Litteraturae Entomologicae : Serie I : Die Welt-Literatur über die gesamte Entomologie bis inclusive 1863” published by Walther Horn und Sigmund Schenkling in 1928-1928. The most important new features are:

  •  the original 25,229 citations (Horn & Schenkling 1928) have been increased to over 46,500; the extra data result from resolution of highly condensed original entries or are new
  • over 11,300 authors, artists, engravers, etc. have been recorded separately, thus supporting searches with various spellings of the name and connecting the bibliography with the biographies
  • over 10,300 journals, publishers etc., (called ‘sources’) have been recorded separately, thus supporting searches with various spellings of the title; dating information is included and titles are given in full
  • parts of works, other editions, addenda, translations, etc. were cross-referenced
  • Publication dates of the works have been revised based on secondary sources (see references)
  • the citations can be exported in text format or BibTex format
  • users can comment on each citation and contribute to improving the database

Guide to Web sources

Cooperative project with the [Virtual Library of Biology] Virtuellen Fachbibliothek Biologie (vifabio)

From a part of the funds made available to the internet guide of Vifabio, all professionally tested links with entomological content are presented here. The BioDDC as a tool for classificatory indexing enables comfortable browsing of relevant thematic groupings, e.g.:

  • General entomology
  • Fundamental themes in the natural history of the insects, including genetics, evolution and adaptation
  • Apterygota; Orthoptera and related orders (migratory locusts, grasshoppers, crickets and cockroaches)
  • Exopterygota (Hemimetabola), Psocoptera (book lice), Odonata (dragonflies), Plecoptera (stoneflies) and Isoptera (termites)
  • Mecoptera (scorpionflies), Trichoptera (caddisflies), Neuroptera (lacewings), Megaloptera (alderflies), Raphidiodea (snakeflies)
  • Homoptera (cicadas, aphids), Heteroptera (bugs), Anoplura, Mallophaga (lice), Thysanoptera (thrips)
  • Coleoptera (beetles)
  • Diptera (flies, midges), Siphonaptera (fleas)
  • Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths)
  • Hymenoptera (ants, bees and wasps)

Collection of several online databases