Due to the collection’s revision by several well-known specialists, it contains numerous types designated by E. Meyrick, E. Strand (especially Formosa material), L. B. Prout, and M. J. Bastelberger.

As a result of the Tineid research done by G. Petersen, from 1951 until his retirement in 1989, a substantial collection of Tineids from the Palaearctic region is held, including numerous types.

Important collections

Available Material

The approximately 2650 drawers of the Lepidoptera collection were photographed in 2008. These pictures are available in higher resolution (2560 x 1920  Pixel). The images of the drawers are given in reduced quality in PDF files (each 5-20 MB). Contact M. Wiemers or C. Kutzscher.


Type material

GroupType Specimen ofMainly described by
Lepidoptera ca. 1.200 TypesE. Strand, E. Meyrick, L. B. Prout, G. Petersen, H. G. Amsel, R. Gaedike, M. J. Bastelberger
Trichoptera66 TypesE. Ulmer, L. Navas
Neuropteroidea96 TypesEsben-Petersen, L. Navas
Siphonaptera28 Types