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Romero-Muñoz, A. Jansen, M., Nuñez, A. M., Almonacid, R. V., Kümmerle, T. (2019): Fires scorching Bolivia´s Chiquitano forest. Science 366, 6469: 1089.

In South America, too, countless forest fires rage every year during the fire season. In Bolivia alone, more than 2.1 million hectares of land are said to have been affected so far – especially in the Chiquitania region in eastern Bolivia. According to current estimates, at least 1,600 animal and 4,000 plant species are affected by the fires there; among them are about 150 mammals such as jaguar, tapir or large anteater, as well as 60 to 90 frog species. In an open letter published in the journal “Science”, an international team of researchers – including Senckenberg researcher Martin Jansen – calls on the Bolivian government to sustainably protect the remaining forests. 

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