Phanerogams I

Projects and collaborations

  • Land use and climate change in Mongolian drylands
  • Extrazonal steppes of northern Siberia
  • Steppe fragments in the agricultural belt of southern Siberia
  • Land use effects in Tibetan grasslands
  • Species identification guides for the Flora of Germany
  • Methods of collection based research
  • Biodiversity in cultural landscapes of Central Europe


Herbarium Senckenbergianum Görlitz (GLM)

The Herbarium Görlitz hosts a total of 185,000 vascular plants, 40,000 byrophytes, and more than 3,200 algae specimens. Moreover, there are 70,000 lichen and well over 136,000 fungi. So far 190 types of vascular plants and about 200 types of lichens are known. The collections are based on the former Herbarium of the Natural History Society Görlitz from the 19th and early 20th century.