Meisendialog an der Vogeltränke

Questions and answers


Who is eligible for a sponsoring?
Everybody can become a sponsor! We are happy about young and old, big and small sponsors. A sponsorship can either be a present for yourself or for someone else.

Is it possible to get a sponsorship as a company?
Yes of course! Our sponsorships are great opportunities to support Senckenberg Naturmuseum and to make your employees smile. We are happy to include your company’s logo on both, the badge and the certificate.

Is there a pricing list for our exhibits?
Since our displayed exhibitions contain an enormeous amount of exhibits we can’t offer you a pricing list. However, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you.

Is there a list of exhibits that are eligible for sponsoring?
Our museum is always in a flow. Exhibitions are being closed or opened and so some exhibits may not be displayed any further. Therefore, there is no list available with all exhibits that are currently being displayed. It’s the same here – do not hesitate to contact us.

How long does my sponsoring last?
In the upcoming years, the museum will change quite massively. Because of that, our sponsorings are currently restricted to one year. But don’t worry – if your sponsored exhibit is still being displayed the upcoming year, we will be contacting you and ask for a renewal of your sponsoring.

Where can I find information on data security?
You can have a look at Senckenberg’s imprint here.


How to become a sponsor

How do I become a sponsor at Senckenberg Naturmuseum?
Have a look at our stick man! (Please scroll down at the bottom of the page).

You are absolutely into one of our displayed exhibits and want to sponsor it?
You can find a formular to request a sponsorship here. Just fill it out and send it to We will be answering you; that’s a promise!

You don’t know which displayed exhibit might be the right one for you?
Don’t worry! We are happy to help you finding the perfectly right exhibit! Just contact us via email or telephone. If you have any preferences regarding the different exhibitions or the costs please tell us. That makes it way easier for us to find the perfect match.

What happens afterwards?
Have a look at our stick man once again.


Sponsorship fees

On which account do I have to transfer the money?
All information regarding sponsorship fees are also mentioned on the contract you will be receiving after finding “your” perfect match. Our account at Frankfurter Sparkasse is DE15 5005 0201 0000 7601 57.

Is there any possibility to claim a tax deduction for my payments?
Yes that’s possible! Senckenberg is working with a special agreement, which means that you will get a donation receipt for payments over 300 Euro. For donations that are less than that you only need your booking confirmation.


Sponsorship Badge

Where can I find my badge?

If your sponsored exhibit is displayed in either the birds exhibition, the coral reef exhibition or the deep sea exhibition, your badge is assembled prominently on a special display. Since the deep sea exhibition is quite dark, the display is placed at its very beginning.

All other badges are placed close to the individual exhibit.


Renewal and Termination

Is it possible to renew my sponsorship?
Yes that’s possible and we are very happy if you decide to support our museum for another year. Shortly before your sponsorship ends, you will receive a new contract. If we do not get a response, your sponsorship will terminate ordinary.

Does my sponsorship renew automatically?
No, your sponsorship does not renew automatically. 

I was gifted a sponsorship and now I want to renew it on my own. What do I have to do?
If you were gifted a sponsorship and in the upcoming year you want to renew it on your own, please contact us via email or telephone.

How do I terminate my sponsorship?
A termination is not necessary nor possible. If we do not get a response on our request to renew the sponsorship, it will end automatically.