SDEI Archiv, Müncheberg

Senckenberg Deutsches Entomologisches Institut


About the archive

The archive is as well as the insect collection and the entomological library part of the Senckenberg Deutsches Entomologisches Institut (German Entomological Institute). The archive preserves documents regarding the history of this institution and more than 120 bequest of Entomologists. 

Trivet with butterfly wings behind glass.

How do Entomologists look like?

A collection of portraits including photographies, engravings, prints and press clippings of Entomologists, a collection of objects related to entomology, such as postcards, small figurines or costume jewellery, are preserved as well. A part of it is displayed in the SDEI lecture room. 

The SDEI archive is member of the Archive Working Group (AK Archive) of the Leibniz Association since 2006.  The archives of Leibniz Association institutions represent an important part of the scientific and technical records in Germany. The aim is to exchange knowledge and experience, to put into practice joint projects like DigiPortA or publications, such as:

Heinz Peter Brogiato and Klaus-Peter Kiedel (Eds.)
Research, Travel, Exploration – The Lifeworlds of the Leibniz Association Archives
Mitteldeutscher Verlag, Halle 2011. 175 p.
ISBN 978-3-89812-821-6 / 22 Euro

Since 2015 the Leibniz Association archives blog about news on “Archive in der Leibniz-Gemeinschaft“.



Portrait collection

Portrait collection: The online database presents the already digitized part of the portrait collection. It contains about 3.000 imigages. The collection consists of portrait of deceased as well as modern day Entomologists.


Kalliope: The SDEI archive preserves about 120 bequests of Entomologists, which can be browsed in the Kalliope online database. The Kalliope online database also contains bequests and autographs of a wide range of other german institutions. 

Examples for documents of Gustav Kraatz (1831-1909), founder of the Deutsches Entomologisches Institut, and the collection of autographs of Johann Angelo Ferrari (1806-1876).