Gunther Köhler at FMNH
Prof. Dr. Gunther Köhler

New species of amphibians and reptiles described by Köhler et al.

Research interests: Evolutionary biology of Latin American and Southeast Asian amphibians and reptiles.

Gunther Köhler achieved a degree in Veterinary Medicine (Staatsexamen) at the University Gießen, Germany, in 1993. In 1995 he completed his PhD in Biology on the ecology and systematics of Spiny-tailed Iguanas (genus Ctenosaura) at Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany. In December 1995 he began his current position as the Curator of Herpetology at the Senckenberg Research Institute, Frankfurt am Main, Germany. In 2009, he habilitated in Biosciences, Goethe University Frankfurt, with a thesis on evolutionary research with Central American Anolis – cryptic species, hybridization, and speciation processes. In April 2017 he became Adjunct Professor at the Goethe University Frankfurt. From March through May 2020 Köhler is Visiting Professor at the Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand.

His research focuses on the herpetofauna of the Neotropics, primarily that of Central America and Mexico, as well as that of Southeast Asia, mostly Myanmar and Thailand. To date, Köhler has authored or co-authored 28 books and 245 research papers on amphibians and reptiles.

His fieldwork began in 1988 with his first trip to Costa Rica. Since that trip he has returned to Latin America numerous times. In the 1990s he undertook many expeditions to Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, whereas in the past two decades, most of his field work has been done in Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, the Dominican Republic, and Paraguay. More recently, his geographic area of interest has expanded to include Myanmar and Thailand where he has done intensive field work in the years 2017 to present. Aside from Latin America and Southeast Asia, Dr. Köhler also has conducted fieldwork in Iran, Europe, and on Cape Verde.

Throughout the countries he visited, Dr. Köhler has found (and is continuing to describe) many new species (see table below) and has added a wealth of information to the knowledge on known species.

The fundamental question Köhler is interested in is “How many and which reptile and amphibian species occur at a certain locality and what are the processes that led to the current state of diversity at this place?” Combining the data and knowledge on the diversity and taxonomy of the herpetofauna of numerous localities into large datasets makes it possible to analyze and understand larger zoogeographic and phylogeographic patterns. His broader research interests include the applications of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for exploring patterns of speciation and endemism.

One of the animal groups he always focused on are the anoles (family Dactyloidae). He has published numerous articles on the taxonomy of anoles and has, so far, described 54 new species of anoles. He discovered an astonishing interspecific variation in the morphology of the male copulatory organs (i.e., the hemipenes, singular: hemipenis) in anoles that led to the discovery and recognition of many cryptic species pairs and complexes, i.e. species that differ drastically in their hemipenial morphology but are exceedingly similar in external morphology. These observations led to an interest in understanding the driving forces of speciation in this group of lizards, which ultimately involved combining data on external and hemipenial morphology with molecular genetic data.

As Curator, Köhler promotes the maintenance, growth, and accessibility of the herpetological collections (SMF) and associated materials at the Senckenberg Research Institute, Frankfurt am Main. His own collections from Latin America and Southeast Asia, including more than 8000 preserved specimens of amphibians and reptiles and also a large collection of tissues samples for genetic research, have been being integrated into the SMF collections. 

At Goethe University Frankfurt, Köhler teaches courses for Bachelor and Master students, including a module on Integrative Biodiversity Research in Zoology and a course on the Diversity of Organisms. He regularly hosts formal and informal tours of the Herpetology Division and occasionally gives public lectures. Ever since his early days at Senckenberg, a steady stream of undergraduate and graduate students, from several universities, but mostly from Goethe University Frankfurt, has joined his group, and numerous thesis works have been completed under his guidance. Students are involved in the research projects at the Köhler Lab and are routinely authors on the resulting papers, and regularly are included in field work in Germany as well as in the tropics.

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Linda Mogk
Technische Assistentin Herpetologie
Arcadio Herpetologie
Arcadio Carrizo
PhD candidate
mitarbeiter vargas
Joseph Vargas
PhD candidate

Joseph Vargas is a Costa Rican herpetologist who obtained a Master‘s Degree in Biodiversity and Collection Management at the Technische Universität Dresden, Germany. Currently is a PhD candidate at the Goethe-Universität Frankfurt in collaboration with the Senckenberg Research Institute, Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Joseph is specializing in the study of Neotropical herpetofauna, mainly of Costa Rica. His research focuses on alkaloids, barcoding, bioacoustics, biogeography, bioinformatics, taxonomy and systematics, herpetofauna conservation and reproduction in captivity.