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The scientific libraries and literature inventories of the Senckenberg – Leibniz Institution for Biodiversity and Earth System Research are of essential importance for scientific activities; this includes the proper preservation of historically significant book collections, research and acquisition, preparation and availability of specialist information, and the provision of printed and digital media. Based on Senckenberg’s federal structure, they ensure individual access to the existing literature inventory in the different locations.

Since 1/1/2005, the City and University Library of Frankfurt am Main (StUB) and the Senckenberg Library (SeB) jointly constitute the Goethe University’s library under the name Johann Christian Senckenberg University Library. Senckenberg Frankfurt (SF) continues to be the owner of the inventory contributed by the former Senckenberg Library, making the Johann Christian Senckenberg University Library the Frankfurt institute’s main library. It is foremost among Germany’s scientific libraries in the fields of biology, botany, and zoology. Since 2017, the German Research Association (DFG)’s specialised information service for biodiversity research is being developed here, which is augmented by Senckenberg’s scientific expertise and the acquisitions from the SF exchange of publication.

Bibliothek Müncheberg
Periodical storeroom of the library of Senckenberg German Entomological Institute, Müncheberg

Due to their historical development, the huge Senckenberg libraries at the locations in Dresden (SNSD), Görlitz (SNMG), and Müncheberg (SDEI) each have a different scientific focus (zoology and geology, soil biology, and entomology). These libraries serve as regional information centers in their respective scientific disciplines.

In addition, the Entomological Library at the SDEI  is internationally renowned due to its comprehensive inventory of entomological specialist literature. In addition, the library catalogues of SMNG and SDEI are already integrated in the Library and Information System of the State of Hesse (HeBIS). The holdings of Senckenberg Natural History Collection libraries (from 2010) can be found via K10plus opac.