Herbscan at work

Botany and Molecular Evolution

Phanerogams I + II

The two sections work closely together and curate the higher plant collections (seed plants) of the Herbarium Senckenbergianum Frankfurt/M. (FR).

Scientific research essentially focusses on studying the diversity and evolution of selected angiosperm groups and phytodiversity and its change under human and climatic influence.

For our research we use a wide methodological spectrum from field work and morphology to molecular genetics, phylogenetic and biogeographical analyses. Another part of our research deals with species inventories, plants distribution and their changes through the impact of man and climate (especially in West Africa and the region around Frankfurt/M.). Online available biodiversity databases are another important issue.

The research thus falls into the Senckenberg research fields “Biodiversity, Systematics and Evolution” and “Biodiversity and Environment” as well as in several projects into the research area “Biodiversity and Climate“.