Geobiodiversity and Climate

The Research Activity “Geobiodiversity and Climate” is dedicated to studying the interactions between processes on the earth’s surface, climate, and ecosystems on different time scales.

In addition, it examines the impact of earth surface processes and climate on the evolutionary and ecological dynamics of species and species communities. A particularly important topic are the effects of the anthropogenic climate change on biodiversity and ecosystem functions. This RA consolidates the geobiodiversity research (paleotopography, paleoclimate, and biodiversity in space and time) at Senckenberg and makes extensive use of the Senckenberg collections. Select examples for the strategic foci within this RA are the reconstruction of paleo-ecosystems and natural climate variability in key regions of the earth (based on excavations, isotope analyses, and integration of various fossil and recent data sets); the study of biotic interactions and ecosystem functions in tropical ecosystems; and the modeling of the effects of climate change on biodiversity and ecosystem functions.